Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13th

Journal Entry: What is appeasement?  What 2 countries appeased Hitler?  How did WW2 start?
Current Event: Put an "X" through the box.

Class Announcements:
-If you have a C or below, you can come talk to me about your grade by this Friday, May 17th to receive 5 points extra credit
-Final Test and Textbook Turn in is May 23rd
-Last day to turn in any work for Term 4 is May 24th
-Seniors: You must turn in your WC textbooks by May 20th! (this is for graduation purposes)

-Extra Credit Opportunity: Listen to a Holocaust Survivor share his experiences!  Emanuel Mandel will be speaking on Friday May 17th at 7 pm at the UVU New Science Auditorium.  (If your 4th period teacher allows you to go to the assembly on Friday during 4th period that will also count.)  To get the extra credit you must: Write a 1-page write up that includes  a summary of what the speaker said and your reaction to his speech (what you thought was most interesting, what you wished he had talked about that he didn't, if you liked or didn't like it, etc.)

Today in class we finished our Rise of Hitler and Start of WW2 Notes and then completed our Holocaust Notes while using the Holocaust PPT.  We then watched 40 minutes of Life is Beautiful.  If you missed the movie, you can watch it on Netflix or you can come in after school this week to view the movie.

-Work on your World Conflicts Project (due Friday the 17th!)

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